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We help you grow to drive gospel change through the ministry of the local church.


"The Dave and Judy Mast Scholarship has been instrumental in my seminary journey. Their funding has allowed me to continue my education where I thought it otherwise impossible. Without this scholarship I wouldn’t have my MDiv today! Yet the experience has been greater than even the funding that made my education possible.

What makes this scholarship unique is being mentored by a retired pastor with decades of experience. Paul Robie has taught me ministry skills that the seminary couldn’t like dealing with real people, leadership qualities, and the time and effort it takes to develop a ministry. While the Seminary provided me with theology and education, the mentoring has helped me put theology to practice. It’s not just what we believe, but how we apply what we believe.

Getting the gospel right is important, but living the gospel demands our full devotion and full delight. Two components that exemplify my time with Paul and the other scholarship recipients. This scholarship has helped me see how the gospel must be at the center of everything we do. My goal is to take this degree and the experience I received through the scholarship and to serve and teach God’s people to truly love God and savor his gospel."     


Congratulations Brandon Reimus!

Our Goal

Investing in
the future of the church

The Dave and Judy Mast Foundation was formed with a desire to help Gospel Centered churches flourish in America. Dave and Judy Mast came to faith in Christ as adults in a church that has embraced and proclaimed the gospel of Christ with clarity and conviction. It is their desire to invest in the education of those that will lead these types of churches in the future. Therefore, the Dave and Judy Mast Foundation has targeted two outstanding Christian Seminaries, Phoenix Seminary and Talbot School of Theology at Biola, as partners in this endeavor.

We will fund full-tuition scholarships to these institutions for students who show outstanding promise as leaders. In order to receive a scholarship from this foundation the students will be required to meet with a mentor, the Pastor Paul Robie, for individual and group discussions. The role of Pastor Robie is seen as essential to the goals of the Foundation. He understands and has embodied the kind of ministry that the Foundation wishes to promote.


We are seeking individuals that possess these characteristics 

Gospel Driven

We are committed to the Gospel. It is important that we invest in those that understand, can articulate, and promote the Gospel (see the link to What Is 

A Gospel Centered Church).


We are looking for men and women that subscribe to the axiom, “It’s not about me.” If 

you understand that self-forgetfulness is the key to ministry joy, then please apply.


We are results oriented and expect those that we invest in to be committed to building the Kingdom, and not just living in it. We believe that grace is opposed to earning, not effort. Therefore, we will ask your supervisor if you are a hard worker.


IQ is a good thing but not the ultimate thing that we mean by the word smart. We are looking for exceptionally high EQ people - those with unusual emotional intelligence. We know that success in the ministry often comes through those that are gifted in self-awareness, empathy and the ability to



We are looking for people who bring their best self to the opportunity to represent Christ in the ministry. If you are healthy spiritually, emotionally, physically (disabilities aside), relationally, and financially, you are a good candidate for this scholarship.


If you receive this scholarship you will be meeting regularly with a mentor (Paul Robie) and others who are in this program. No one wants to spend time with someone who is faking it or someone who just can’t be genuine in the way they interact with others.

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About us

We are passionate about helping the next generation
of leaders


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