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Our goal is to
create leaders who
desire to lead a
Gospel-Centered Church


What is a Gospel-Centered Church?

A GOSPEL CENTERED church stands in stark contrast to a RELIGIOUS church. Churches in America trend toward either of these two directions. We are not interested in supporting the multiplication of a religious mindset, and are, therefore, committed to seeing more and more Gospel-Centered churches be developed and pastored by qualified men and women.

Gospel Mindset

God maintains a central place in my devotion and loyalties. In this worldview, I exist to serve God and His Kingdom purposes as defined by Jesus.


My goal is to learn to trust and love Him more completely, and in this way bring honor and glory to Him.


I don’t earn anything from Him – I simply receive from him. I am acceptable / loveable / bless-able to Him on the basis of my relationship to Christ and not because of anything I have done or not done.

Religious Mindset

I maintain a central place in my own devotion and loyalties. In this worldview, God exists to serve me and my dreams.


My goal is to obligate God through good works and devotion, believing that He owes me whatever I have “earned” from Him in regards to salvation, blessings, or His favor.


If anything good happens in my life it is because of my success in performing religious duties that make me acceptable / loveable / “bless-able” to God.


Meet Your Mentor

Paul Robie attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo CA from 1973-1977. While there he led a College ministry at Grace Church. After college, he enrolled in the MDIV (NT) program at Talbot Theological Seminary. He graduated in 1980 and took a position as College Pastor at Granada Heights Friends Church in La Mirada CA.  Pastor Paul finished his education at Phoenix Seminary receiving his DMIN in 2004. He and his family planted a church called South Mountain Community Church in Draper, Utah in 1998 (at the time they had no protestant churches). Currently SMCC is a multi-site church meeting in five locations. In 2022 the church surpassed 2,000 in the number of people baptized. Those who attend SMCC continue to pursue spreading the fame of Jesus by helping as many people as possible take their next step in becoming fully devoted and fully delighted followers of Jesus Christ. experiencing real and meaningful life-change (over 1,500 baptisms). 


Start your journey toward building gospel driven churches

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